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Selecting a Water Filter


Water filters can be found in a big and in some cases, there is confusing range of sorts as well as prices. The technical terms applied to identify them can be confounding sometimes and before making a huge purchase, you ought to feel content that the water filter contains a big enough capacity for handling all the drinking needs for you.


The home water filters at can be a simple jug, bottle filters with a basi charcoal filter up to serious water processing filters which will give crystal clear water of great quality compared to the municipal tap water. The price is a very big factor even though there are some outstanding bargains in home water filters.


Knowing your budget, you need to think about the amount you spend each week on bottled water. The bottled water is bought in a two-liter or five-liter bottles and based on the water bottle used; the water can have a strong taste from the plastic material. A lot of brands of bottled water are just bottled tap water. The municipal tap water usually has various chemicals and in some possible scenarios, microorganisms.


On average, a family drinks thirty to forty liters of water each week which translates to some huge amount of cash every year. You have to remember that is only for the basic bottled water which means that fancy imported water might be double or treble that amount. With all that money spent in a year for buying water, you would have managed to purchase a fancy tap water filter. To know more ideas on how to choose the right Water Filters, just check out


The following are some of the water filters available.


Jug type water filters at it is the most popular and a great choice since it comes with a great filter cartridge. There is a counter top model that utilizes a filter and contains a huge reservoir for filtered water which goes for like two months.


Refrigerator filters-they are plumbed into a refrigerator. This is a very easy to use a filter which needs replacement after every six months. The major benefit of this filter is that cold drinking water is always available on tap.


Under sink water filters-they are normally installed on your kitchen faucet and give clean water on tap. They require changing every two to three months. Some units contain a charcoal as well as a ceramic cartridge which requires regular changing.


The multi stage filters are normally a multi-part filter which might contain three different filters. Normally, they are pumped systems and therefore, they require an electricity supply.